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Ways to deal with electrifying hair

Have you ever wondered why your hair gets electrified, especially during Autumn and winter? For many, it’s a serious concern – hair suddenly turn into an electric halo after taking off your hat or scarf. It may not be possible to completely eliminate the problem, but with our advice you will certainly tame your hair!

Firstly, let’s explain why the hair gets electrified at all. It happens, because both your hair and the winter clothes are positively ionized and repel each other. That’s where the phenomenon of “flying” hair, moving away from a hat, scarf or sweater, comes from. The problem gets bigger the dryer and more porous the hair – they gather more and more Ions and get more electrified.

Good nutrition and moisture

Dry hair, rough hair and porous hair are at the highest risk of static electricity and electrifying hair. More electrifying Ions accumulate in open hair scales. So, use moisturizing shampoos and Conditioners, and use deeply nourishing masks more often.

After washing, close the cuticle by rinsing the hair in cool water. Hot styling also opens the scales, so let’s avoid it. Ionization dryers are available for sale, which help in the fight against electrification. Remember, however, to avoid hot airflow even with such a dryer.

Hair protection

Hair covered with conditioner without rinsing (so-called silk or natural vegetable oil Conditioners) will be smoother and more resistant to electrification. As such, it’s a good idea to apply a small portion of the tip serum daily. The slippery layer will prevent the deposition of positive Ions, and thus help reduce the unwanted effect of “flying” hair.

electrifying hair

Hostile materials

The problem with electrification also worsens when wearing clothes made of artificial materials. Polyester fabrics etc. accumulate Ions much more easily and increase the electrifying effect. To avoid this, it might be worth it to choose hats, scarves and other clothing items made of Natural materials such as cotton or wool.

Before putting on the hat, tie your hair so that it does not protrude loosely, because then it will be more susceptible to damage and easier to ionize. Caps and scarves should often be washed with appropriate agents that prevent frizzing and have a positive effect on their appearance.

Short list of tips against electrification:

  • use moisturizing and nourishing products,
  • use tips serum containing silicone or vegetable oil,
  • after washing your hair, rinse with cool water,
  • do not dry your hair with hot air, do not use a straightener or a curler,
  • get a hair dryer with an ionization function, or dry your hair with a cool airflow
  • for combing, use a wooden comb or brush with natural bristles,
  • do not wear hats and scarves made of artificial materials, choose cotton and woolen accessories.
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