Natural collagen: features and usage

Natural collagen: features and usage

Collagen plays significant role in a human body. It origins from connective tissue, i.e. skin, bones and tendons. What can be the consequence of its lack and how to counteract? Check if it is worth to use cosmetics with collagen.

Natural collagen – protein of youthfulness

In cosmetology, a natural collagen, in spite of its name, is a substance sourced in laboratories. It is a synthetic counterpart of collagen generated by a human body. Thank to that we can easily supply any lacks of it.

Collagen is a main component of tendons and a protein appearing in human’s connective tissue. It is very stretchy and durable as much as makes skin flexible. With time, collagen fibres gradually and inevitably harden, of what consequences are wrinkles and general skin condition worsening.

Natural collagen – protein of youthfulness

First problems with collagen synthesis appear in mid 20s. Among all effects of insufficient collagen fibres regeneration we can mention problems with joints, internal organs as well as skin dryness and flexibility worsening. This phenomena seem to intensify among women during menopause. This happens so because lower levels of estrogen disturb collagen synthesis and makes collagen fibres even less flexible.

Cosmetics with collagen

Fortunately, floppy, limp and wrinkly skin can be supported by special cosmetics with natural collagen. Used regularly, such preparations may help with cells regeneration, facial skin hydration, smoothing and its flexibility increase. Besides, it can help to remove wrinkles and tighten a skin.

  • Cosmetics with collagen are great at coping with orange peel and stretch marks. What is more, they are first instance of skin care after medical operations.
    These can be substances such as body lotion, bubble bath, face cream or hair lotion. In some chemist’s you can find a pure collagen solution. It’s not that universal like other cosmetics, but it’s definitely stronger.
  • Cosmetics with collagen can be also found in form of a hair care. You can regenerate your hair and bring back their old glow. They will be also less breaking susceptible. The market is also rich in cosmetics with collagen for nails. These preparations strengthen nails’ durability and increase their lustre.

How could you strengthen collagen fibres?

You can use not only special natural collagen cosmetics to improve condition of collagen fibres, but also balanced diet may be helpful. It should consists of products rich in vitamins A, C and E as well as copper.

You are supposed to remember about protection from damaging UVA and UVB radiation. It is necessary to use good sun creams with UV filters so as to prevent radiation damaging activity on collagen fibres.

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