Best exercises for abdomen muscles You can perform at home

Best exercises for abdomen muscles You can perform at home

Flat and muscly belly can be, no doubt, a dream for most of people. It is completely understandable that not everyone has a special device for abdomen exercises, but there are other ways to reach a model – shaped belly. How to achieve the most wanted six-pack then?

You don’t have to lose litres of sweat at a gym or invest in peculiar exercise devices. All you need is a balanced diet and an abdomen muscles exercises, which can be performed at home. Which? You can read down below. Remember to perform those exercises in specific order and repeat the whole series 3 times.


This exercise is known to almost everyone, but not everyone knows how to perform it correctly. Lay down on the floor and bend your knees. For your comfort, use an exercise mat. Keep your hands behind your head, especially behind your ears so your hands do not touch. While exhaling, lift your torso. Hold in this position for about 5 seconds, get back to the starting position. Do not use neck muscles. All the job belongs to abdomen muscles.
Repetitions: 20


Pulling knees to a chest

Lay down on the floor, bend your knees, lay your hands along your body. Put your feet firmly to the floor. The exercise is all about pulling your knees to your chest and getting back to starting position. Take care, while pulling remember to hold the angle in the knees. Try to lean the whole process on your belly muscles.
Repetitions: 10

Torso turns with usage of a ball

For this exercise you’ll need a medicine ball. It can be replaced by a kettle or a dumbbell. First, kneel down the way you hold a ball in front of you and sit on your heels. You have to turn your torso left and right, while laying down and putting up a ball.
Repetitions: 10 each side

Bicycle kicks

Lay down on the floor or an exercise mat. Bend your arms, hands should be near your temple and cannot stick together. Bend your knees (90 degrees angle). You have to move your legs as if you were riding a bicycle in a moderate tempo.
Duration: 1 minute

Bicycle kicks

Sit-ups with torso turns

Lay down on the floor and bend your knees. Put your right heel on your left knee. You’ve got to tighten your abdomen muscles during closing your left elbow to your right knee. After 10 repetitions change side.
Repetitions: 10


Lay down your hands along your body. Next, lift and straighten your legs, then pull up your hips with abdomen muscles. You should hold the position for 6 seconds.
Repetitions: 20


The last exercise is isometric, it doesn’t require you moving. The clue is to hold your muscles tight in one specific position.
Lay down on your belly, then rest your body on your forearms. Your arms should be bent in elbows and be situated below shoulders line. Lift your hips and base your body on your toes. Remember to tighten abdomen and cheeks muscles as well as stretch your shoulder bones.
Duration: 30 seconds

The above mentioned exercises will help you achieve belly shape of your dreams. Don’t forget about a balanced diet.

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