diet for training

Before and after training – what to eat and what not to eat?

Before training, choose products with a low glycemic index. That’s the only way will you supply your body with “fuel”. After training, reach for easily digestible carbohydrates and lean protein to quickly replenish muscle glycogen deficiencies and accelerate their regeneration. Learn what to eat before and after training, so that the effort you put into doing the exercises quickly brings the Expected results.

Diet for training – What to eat before exercise?

Before training, reach for a meal where products with a low glycemic index predominate. Thanks to this you will avoid the so-called Glycemic swings, or a sharp jump in blood sugar levels, followed by a sudden drop of sugar in your blood. Thanks to meals with IG = 15 there is a slow increase in blood glucose, and the body will gradually receive energy that will last for the entire duration of the workout, and you won’t feel tired and you won’t have problems with Concentration.

Before morning workout, you should eat a breakfast containing carbohydrates, both complex and simple. Complex carbohydrates provide the most energy, thanks to which you have the strength to exercise. They are digested much longer by the digestive system. On the other hand, simple sugars should provide only 10% of energy, because they are needed only to “wake up” the brain, therefore you should eat only a small amount of a meal containing simple carbohydrates.

If you decide to train in the afternoon, remember that your body received the most important portion of complex carbohydrates in the morning and now doesn’t need them in such large quantities. Meals consumed before afternoon training should also be Less caloric than breakfast.

What to eat after training?

The topic of food before and after training comes back very often. I think everyone already knows that before exercising it is worth eating a meal rich in carbohydrates (of course, complex ones). During this time, whole grain pasta, brown rice or legumes will work best. However, it is important to eat the last meal up to 2 hours before exercising. Thanks to this, the nutritional values it contains will properly prepare the body for long-lasting effort.

diet for training

After training, a solid portion of protein should be on the plate (it will accelerate muscle building and regeneration). You will find it in products such as:

  • Kefir (contains a lot of protein)
  • Bananas (provide good quality carbohydrates)
  • Eggs (egg protein is quickly absorbed by the body)
  • Salmon or mackerel (fatty fish provide a solid amount of protein to the body)
  • Quinoa (contains more fiber and protein than rice!)

What NOT to eat after training?

People with an active lifestyle should follow a healthy diet. After a training, but also before and on training-less days, you need to eat healthy and balanced food, providing all the Nutrients to your body. The diet of physically active people must be adjusted to the intensity of training, so that the body can cope with the effort and receive the right portion of Nutrients, which are necessary, among others, to protect muscles against degradation due to catabolic reactions in muscle tissue.

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