dry muscle mass

Dry muscle mass – shape with no mass?

The mass period is one of the stages you cannot skip if you want to build your dream body. Sadly, this stage results in not just additional muscle, but also fat that you need to then burn in the reduction stage. It’s very easy to make a few nutritional mistakes in that moment. How to watch out for them? What to pay attention to when building pure muscle mass?

What does the mass diet mean?

Mass diet” is eating excess calories, which allows the body to grow. It’s important to exercise too. So how to build dry muscle mass? That’s a completely different story – such an exercise plan should always be discussed with your personal coach, who will adjust your physical activity to your individual needs.

Excess calories

The diet is characterized by excess calories, which means eating more food than what your body needs in a given time period. How can you learn how much your body needs? A dietitian‘s office, of course. A dietitian, using specialized equipment and the information you provide in the interview, will be able to precisely estimate your individual nutritional needs.

The next step is the gym. You often see machines that measure your body composition in there. Sometimes you can even contact a dietitian during measurement. A third option is to use a dietary calculator that you can find on the Internet. The last option is the most convenient, cheapest, and easiest, but it’s also the least precise.


Another thing related to the “mass diet” is discipline. It sounds extremely easy, but not swaying from your diet is extremely important. Any step outside the boundaries can result in being “flooded” with fatty tissue. If you want to build dry muscle mass, without excess fatty tissues, you should be wary to stick to your set diet calorie number.

dry muscle mass


Another thing that you or your dietitian need to pay attention to is the macronutrient distribution. You can’t build Muscles without fat if your everyday menu will be composed of sweets and fast food just because you’re “building mass”. To build Muscles, you need protein. It’s an obvious myth that you should consume exclusively or predominantly protein. The perfect protein value is 1.2-2g for every body mass kilogram. More of it won’t translate into more Muscles.

Often, people who are building mass make excuses for their excesses with sweets and fast food, saying they’re just building mass. So it’s not surprising that their final mass stage results in growing fat. Of course, you can allow yourself a treat once in a while, scratching that forbidden itch will allow you to stick to the diet more easily – you won’t get fat from a single meal. Even though the so-called cheat meals are a bit controversial, indulging from time to time might be worth it. Better to cheat for one meal than to do small cheats everyday.

Muscle mass without fat – is it possible?

To summarize, in theory it is possible to build muscle mass without creating excess fatty tissue. Sadly, it’s a difficult process requiring determination and certain sacrifices. The end result won’t be satisfactory for everyone, but you will surely be able to minimize the creation of excess fat in the body using this method..

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