excessive burping

Excessive burping – how to deal with it?

Excessive Burping after meals is both an irksome and awkward condition. Especially if it occurs after dining with family and friends or during a business lunch. Are you struggling with this problem, too? Read the article below and find out how to minimize the symptoms.

Symptom, not disease

Burping is not a disease but instead merely a symptom accompanying especially Stomach illnesses, such as acid reflux, peptic ulcer, dyspepsia (aka indigestion). Excessive Burping might also be a result of inappropriate eating habits such as excessive consumption of food or consumption of bloating-inducing foods.

That’s because each bite provides our stomach with 1 to 4 ml of air. The bigger the meal, the bigger need for compensation. Eating too fast and talking while eating also contribute to larger amounts of Air swallowed with food. Excessive buildup of Gases in the gastrointestinal tract may be fueled by neurotic disorders and stressful lifestyle.

How to minimize Burping?

  • Quit smoking, as it reduces the pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter;
  • Stop wearing tight clothing;
  • Eat slowly with your mouth closed;
  • Don’t talk while eating;
  • Don’t drink while eating;
  • Don’t eat while standing, this pose contributes to swallowing air;
  • excessive burping
  • Eat smaller portions, as they won’t stretch stomach walls too much;
  • Avoid drinking carbonated drinks, as when combined with hydrochloric acid in the stomach they lead to increased gas production;
  • Avoid products that reduce the tension on the lower section of the esophageal sphincter: greasy foods, chocolate and other candy, peppermint, alcohol, strong tea, coffee, alliaceous vegetables, asparagus, artichoke;
  • Remember that another possible cause of Burping might be such drugs as: calcium channel blockers, barbiturates, diazepam, dopamine, caffeine, theophylline and certain hormones.

Don’t try to suppress Burping

Burping after a big meal is an adequate reaction that can be observed as early as during infancy. Excessive accumulation of air, on the other hand, might lead to bloating in the event of inadequate Burping mechanism.

So if besides Burping you haven’t observed other concerning symptoms, the air expulsion probably isn’t related with presence of an illness. Suppressing this reaction might lead to an array of unpleasant problems such as the above mentioned bloating or persistent stomach ache.

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