healthy sleep habits

8 good sleep habits

Even if you are not suffering from insomnia, which is very common among people of different ages, it is worth developing good habits before sleep. They make it easier to fall asleep and make your sleep calmer and deeper, and in the morning you wake up well-rested. What habits can you put into practice before going to sleep?

1. Put the electronics away

The first rule of healthy sleep habits: studies confirm that blue light, Emitted by electronics, negatively affects sleep. So turn off your TV, computer, and don’t use your phone or tablet before bedtime. Instead, try listening to relaxing music.

2. Read a book

As an alternative to browsing Facebook before bedtime or watching another episode of your favourite TV show, try reading a book. Reading before bedtime will make you calmer and more relaxed. And it will develop your imagination.

3. Drink water

Before bedtime, it is worth Drinking water to wake up less dehydrated. But don’t drink too much, so that you won’t wake up at night, having to go to the toilet. Water is definitely a better choice than alcohol to drink before bedtime, because in the long run alcohol disturbs sleep.

4. Take a bath

Speaking of water: take a Warm bath or shower before bedtime. Warm water has a relaxing effect on your body and mind, making it easier to sleep. A bath is also a great opportunity to spend some time alone, calm down, and conclude the day.

healthy sleep habits

5. Relax

Light evening exercises can also bring you into a state of Relaxation. That can be stretching or yoga. This will relax your muscles and make it easier for you to achieve tranquillity.

6. Take care of the air

Ventilate the bedroom before bedtime – it will be much easier to fall asleep then. You can also spray natural lavender oil in the air. It has been known for centuries as a “sleeping aid” with a relaxing and soothing effect.

7. Eat wisely

Don’t go to bed hungry. You’ll have troubles falling asleep. Even if you do fall asleep, your hungry stomach can wake you up. Don’t overdo it either: a very Hearty dinner will put too much strain on your digestive system and make it difficult to fall asleep too.

8. Cut yourself off from work

Don’t think about work before you go to sleep – don’t let the stress of the working life get into your bedroom. Remove all objects that remind you of work, such as documents. It should be a place to relax, where you will be able to cut yourself off from the events of the past day.

Which of these habits will you implement in your evening routine? How many of these habits do you already follow? Remember that in addition to preparing for sleep and its quality, it is very important that you have sufficient hours of sleep. It is recommended to sleep for at least 8 hours. Both quality and quantity are important here.

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