Heartburn – symptom of not only reflux disease

Heartburn – symptom of not only reflux disease

Gastric juices getting back to oesophagus are cause of heartburn. It is symptom of reflux, but can also attend other gastric problems.

Heartburn can be felt also in different states of illnesses.

Heartburn and reflux – what’s the difference?

Burning pain just behind a chest bone, usually after eating certain meals, during leaning or laying, this is heartburn. This is a most frequently diagnosed, just after food poisoning, gastric problem.

  • When felt right after rich meals, appearing from time to time, is only reaction for overloaded stomach.
  • However, when it is not connected with eaten things and appears more and more frequently as much as more intense, it may indicate developing state of illness.

Heartburn and reflux – what’s the difference?

It should be known that there are differences between heartburn and reflux. A heartburn is a symptom, which may accompany many other illnesses. On the other hand GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) is a digestive system’s dysfunction.

GERD may appear either with a heartburn, or completely without any symptoms.

Additional heartburn’s symptoms

Heartburn may be accompanied by other symptoms such as feeling of repleteness despite eating smaller portions, pain in an upper abdomen, nausea, vomits and inappetence. What is more, eructation may appear.

Seeing a doctor is a must when a heartburn is accompanied with other symptoms.

It is so, because these may indicate development of serious diseases. Some medicaments may also be a cause of heartburns.

How to cope with a heartburn?

First of all, there should be changes in eating habits:

  1. One should eat more frequently in smaller portions, chewing slowly and thoroughly so as not to swallow air.
  2. Eating right before a sleep is inadvisable.
  3. One should restrict a consumption of sweets, alcohol, soda, coffee and strong tea.

How to cope with a heartburn?

In a drug store there can be found interim help medicaments. The activity of such products is based on inhibiting emission of gastric acid. In case of further diagnosis and confirmation of a particular illness, treatment should be fitted individually to a patient’s state and his symptoms.

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